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Let's start from the beginning. The year is 1972 and the place is Gothenburg. Anders Hall’s entrance into the lighting industry was in fact somewhat of an accidential occurence. Anders, who at this time produced paper plates, had an uncle who produced plastic cheese-dish covers. In August the same year the previously mentioned uncle had recieved a fairly large order of 5000 plastic covers from a customer in Southern Sweden. But it had an unexpected turn when the customer went bankrupt when production was completed.


Anders was commissioned to solve the problem. He then drilled a 42 mm hole on the top of the cheese-dish covers, glued a fringe band at the bottom and mounted a lighting bracket. A lamp was born - "Stina". The ceiling lamp later came to be complemented with a table lamp consisting of two composite cheese-dish covers on one foot - "Bullen", which today most often appears in second hand stores and retromagazines. The production and product range later came to be expanded and the passion for lighting was born!


In 1983, Globen Lighting (Globen AB) was founded by Anders Hall together with his wife Anne Charlotte Hall. They settled down in Svenljunga, south of Borås, where the headquarters still is located.

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