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The Story


Globen Lighting (Globen AB) was established in 1983 by Anders Hall, who subsequent to several years of professional experience within the lighting industry, had settled down in Svenljunga, 100 km East of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Today the company has transformed from being a close company solely active in Sweden, into being one of the industry's bigger players, having the whole of Europe as its selling area. Subsidiaries are found in Norway as well as in Denmark.

Amongst the biggest customer groups we for instance find lighting, furniture & interior shops, interior decorators & architects. Globen Lighting has also got sales agreements with several of the largest furniture & lighting chains in Scandinavia.

Globen Lighting has worked on the market for 35th anniversary & we're more creative than ever. The 35 years to come, we promise you to continue to focus on new thinking, preserve the uniqueness & combine design, functionality & feeling. By these means we hope to become an even better producer of lighting!


How to become a lighting trader


Anders Hall's entrance into the lighting industry was in fact somewhat of an accidental occurrence. Anders, who in 1972 was a manufacturer of paper plates, had an uncle who was producing cheese-dish covers in a plastic material. In August the same year the previously mentioned uncle had received a fairly large order of 5000 plastic covers from a customer in Southern Sweden. It so happened that the customer went into bankruptcy simultaneously with the production being finalized.

What to do with 5000 cheese-dish covers?

Anders was commissioned to solve the arisen problem. He then drilled a 42 mm hole on the top of the plastic cup, glued a textile fringe around its lower part and attached a lighting suspension. A new lamp was born - "Stina". This ceiling lamp was later on complemented by a table lamp built up by two assembled cheese-dish covers on a small base - "Bullen", which often appears in antique shops and in interior magazines. The production and product range increased and Anders' passion for lighting had arisen.

And that is how one becomes a lighting trader!


Transforming Moods


A journey, a surprising visit, the first butterfly in your stomach, or a hug from someone you love.

All these experiences and memories transform your mood and create a feeling of well-being.

That’s the place we want to bring you to when you have one of our products in your surroundings.


A lamp to us is something much more than a provider of light. A lamp in our world is something that forms and changes a state of mind. Something that surprises you every day. It’s a central accent in the room, or in your home, that takes you to the place you want to be RIGHT NOW. It’s a hero that is so much more than just a provider of light.


That’s Globen Lighting. ”Transforming Moods”




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